Bentley Upper School

1000 Upper Happy Valley Road
Lafayette, California

  • Architect: Kava Massih Architect
  • Contractor: Plant Construction Company
  • Developer: Bentley School
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Gymnasium and Classroom Building
Credit: Kava Massih Architects

Collaboration produces structural solutions that enhance the architect's vision and accommodate changing uses over time.

We designed the structural systems for these three facilities, which made up the first phase of this independent school’s ambitious expansion plan, in each case developing solutions that enrich the architectural design.

Steel roof trusses support the 90-foot clear-span required for the 16,000-sq-ft gymnasium. Exposed on the interior, the trusses cantilever on both sides, terminating outside the building.

An elevated exterior walkway connects the gym’s fitness center to the second level of the 7,600-sq-ft classroom building, which houses 8 classrooms. The 4,500-sq-ft student center will evolve in program as the campus expands. The architectural and structural designs anticipate these changes, thus reducing future remodeling costs.

The three new buildings are sited to create a new internal courtyard, buffered from the adjacent highway.





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