Lick-Wilmerding High School

755 Ocean Avenue
San Francisco, California

  • Architect: SMWM, Pfau Architecture
  • Contractor: Plant Construction Company
  • Developer: Lick-Wilmerding High School
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Technology Center

Two academic facilities express a school's tradition of education grounded in applied knowledge and technological excellence

This independent school sought to build two new facilities that would further enhance its already distinguished college preparatory and technical arts curricula. We served as structural engineer for both buildings, the designs of which underscore the school’s commitment to quality and innovation.

The 2-story, 17,000-sq-ft Library and Arts building is open and light filled. Exposed steel trusses with laminated timber top chords support the roof, creating a vast, interior volume. The trusses rest on exposed steel columns at the sloping exterior wall.

The Technology and Design Center, which houses student shops and design studios, features exposed steel framing and expansive studio window fronts that open onto a meandering below-grade courtyard. Three pedestrian bridges overlook the courtyard and link the sod roofs, which double as recreation and social space. At the center of the partially underground complex, the glass shop’s saw-tooth roof supports photovoltaic panels. This phase also included a new cafeteria building with exposed steel trusses, a wood-framed roof, and dramatic twenty-foot-tall windows that overlook the complex.

The structural design of the second-phase buildings contributed to the project’s sustainable goals by using fifty percent slag concrete and thirty percent slag shotcrete. Additional sustainable features include the use of recycled materials and wind-generated power. Extensive daylighting and natural ventilation in both projects contributes to occupant comfort and energy savings.




Library and Arts Center executed as Steven Tipping and Associates

Technology and Design Center executed as Tipping Mar