Are You Brimming with Enthusiasm and Fresh Ideas? (2017-05-08)

We are currently seeking candidates with 3 to 7 years' professional experience to join our wonderful firm as structural engineer. Our ideal candidate has an interest in high-performance seismic and sustainable design, enjoys working collaboratively, thrives on continuous learning, and demonstrates a knack for "whole-project" seeing. She or he has a master’s degree in structural engineering and is licensed in California. Please click here for our full ad on the SEAONC website.

If you are brimming with fresh ideas, have demonstrable technical expertise, and enjoy working in a creative, energetic, and warm environment, please send a cover letter and resume to resumes[at]tippingstructural[dot]com.

We are an equal opportunity employer and absolutely welcome diversity in the workplace. Local candidates are encouraged to apply.

Why I Love Working at Tipping, Part 3 (2017-05-03)

We recently conducted an internal survey of our staff. Here's what some of them had to say about working at Tipping:

• I appreciate that TSE, compared to other companies, understands the benefits and importance of work/life balance. I also appreciate the casual office environment.
• I appreciate the laid back atmosphere, the wonderful people, the challenging projects, and the desire to improve.
• Tipping allows me a great deal of freedom and independence to manage and execute a portfolio of work to the best of my individual ability, but with the strong support and backup of experienced colleagues, capable staff, and an established overhead & marketing structure. In short, I'm not beholden to the dictates of a management structure in which I have no voice, but I get to exercise that freedom without having had to start and run my own firm. Also, the core commitment throughout the firm to create practices that support a fair and reasonable work/life balance is key.
• Working here, I want to be at work. It adds enjoyment to my life.
• I appreciate the laid back atmosphere, the wonderful people, the challenging projects, and the desire to improve.
• Being part of an intelligent, collaborative team is valued and celebrated.

Why I Love Working at Tipping, Part 2 (2017-05-02)

We recently conducted an internal survey of our staff. Here's what some of them had to say about working at Tipping:

• TSE actively cultivates a collaborative approach, both internally within the company and externally with architects and other teaming partners.
• I really appreciate the transparency in our office. I also appreciate the encouragement to collaborate with others and an emphasis on work/life balance.
• Open communication, some really wonderful people to work with / learn from, innovative approach to engineering both in terms of how we design buildings and how we operate.
• I appreciate the amount of responsibility I am given here at Tipping Structural Engineers, as it displays the level of trust that the management holds in me to perform my role.

Why I Love Working at Tipping, Part 1 (2017-05-01)

We recently conducted an internal survey of our staff. Here's what some of them had to say about working at Tipping:

• We are supported in following our interests because the firm takes a long view on ROI.
• The emphasis on drafting and hand-sketching forces us to deal with physical reality of things and the potential elegant solutions that can arise from that awareness.
• TSE’s approach is heavily weighted towards innovative thinking founded on high level technical expertise. We always strive to push for solutions that achieve structural performance and the architect's vision. We are also not afraid to throw away ideas in the interest of pursuing better solutions.
• I appreciate Tipping’s willingness to continuously innovate to improve how we work / operate.
• I appreciate the level of support as a professional. People are always willing to help. I appreciate the high level of technical knowledge, as I am always pleasantly surprised by what people know and the time they take to explain it. I am also in close contact with all the principals on a weekly basis, they are frequently available for check-ins and just to chat. I appreciate the culture of 'family first', meaning if we have personal issues to take care of, we are not obligated to put work in front of that. It's a very good work/life balance.
• TSE’s amazing custom tools make the work of engineering efficient and fun.
• I appreciate the culture of inventiveness and creativity that is encouraged from the time structural designers walk through the door.

Idiosyncratic Isolation Design Recognized (2017-04-17)

The Structural Engineers Association of Northern California (SEAONC) has announced that 1908 Shattuck received an Award of Merit as part of the 2017 Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards. The award entry poster can be viewed here.

Received in our 34th year, this is Tipping's 38th peer-bestowed award for excellence in structural innovation. The awards ceremony will take place at the San Francisco City Club on May 2.

1908 Shattuck Wins Berkeley Design Advocates Award (2017-03-20)

Our new seismically isolated building, 1908 Shattuck, was recently honored with the Award for Design Excellence in the Mixed-Use Urban Infill category by Berkeley Design Advocates (the 12th Biennial Awards for Design Excellence). Congratulations to the entire team!

740 Heinz Wins Another Excellence Award (2016-10-17)

At the 85th Annual Convention of the Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC) in Maui last week, we were honored to accept the Award of Excellence for new construction (small project) for 740 Heinz Avenue in Berkeley. This is the project's second award for excellence in structural engineering, the first having been bestowed by the national organization, NCSEA (see below for more details).

This is Tipping's 13th SEAOC award; to date, our firm's innovative spirit and accomplishments have been honored with 37 excellence awards locally, regionally, and nationally.

740 Heinz Awarded Outstanding Project at NCSEA (2016-09-19)

On Friday, September 16, Tipping's 740 Heinz Avenue was awarded Outstanding Project in the "New Buildings, $10 Million to $30 Million" category at the NCSEA 2016 Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards in Orlando, FL.

740 Heinz Avenue is a case study in the efficacy, cost efficency, and replicability of the BRB mast frame system, a Tipping innovation that enhances seismic performance and offers better architectural compatibility than conventional BRB systems.

This marks Tipping's fifth outstanding project award from the NCSEA since 2001. Read more about the project here.